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Intruder Alarms

Fire Alarms & Access Control


Audio & Visual Systems



Griffin Security Services are a combined Security, Fire, Access, CCTV and TV/Satellite installation and maintenance company.

Griffin Security Services have been in the security business for over a decade & over 30 years’ experience in communication, specialising in supplying and installing systems. We have expert field staff providing a full backup service including maintenance and repairs. We sell and work only with top quality modern systems and equipment from top manufacturers, fully certified to the relevant standards.

Griffin Security Services provides Security and TV Services for the domestic and commercial markets in Ireland. Over the last few years, we expanded to offer a wide range of Security and TV packages for homes and businesses across the whole of Ireland.


We provide the complete range of Security, Fire and TV services for Retail, Hospitality, Medical, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Environments.


At Griffin Security Services, we can design, install, maintain and monitor tailor-made systems to suit your individual needs whether it be a new or upgrade, we can combine a range of services to suit your changing needs insuring all your legislative and security requirements are met.
We provide an end to end solution for all our services. We design, install, integrate, monitor, maintain and optimise all of our systems to ensure maximum efficiency and conformity as well as providing a 24H call out facility. We can also adapt existing systems, maintain and monitor them, provide advice on recommended updates and implement an upgrade strategy on older systems.

Griffin Security Services are Certified among others for:

EN 50131 Intruder Alarms
SR 40 Intruder Alarms/CCTV Systems
SR 40 Access Control
PSA 2006_12 CCTV Installations
PSA Installation/Maintenance Intruder Alarms
PSA Installer of Security Equipment CCTV
PSA Installer of Security Equipment Access Control




Griffin Security Services carry out installation, service and maintenance on all types of

•   Intruder Alarms
•   CCTV Systems
•   Aerial (Saorview)
•   Satellite Systems
•   Audio/Sound System
•   Fire Alarms
•   Access control


Ensure all doors and windows are locked. You would be surprised the amount of break in’s that happen via and open door or window. Most burglars will look for the easiest way into your house.

Make sure if you leave your house at night that there as lights left on. If you happen to be away from home for longer periods of time use timers in order to get lights on. Ensure the timers are set up in rooms that would normally be occupied by members of your family and use them in more than just one room.

Having a good relationship with your neighbours can


Contact us on 065 672 4089 to avail of our Special Offers

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