Fill your home with sound. Not wires.

Surround sound brings your media to life. Hear the soundtracks to your favourite movies as the creators intended. Rich powerful bass and crystal clear vocals combine to enhance your movies, your music, your games and your favourite shows.


We hate the sight of wires as much as you do, that's why you'll never see them when we've signed off on a project. Our installed systems will perfectly match the decor of your room. Whether you want your system to be completely invisible, or a make bold statement, we've got you covered.


Multi-room audio is simply your favourite music in each room of your home and yes you can listen to different things at the same time and of course, play the same thing and of course adjust the volume level in each room.


How does Multi-Room Audio work?


Well that really depends on what system you purchase the majority of them now have apps for your iPhone, iPad, android phone or tablet and of course PC control.


Were does the music come from?


Again it depends on what system you are using but most systems use an external NAS drive system, Spotify, Apple music and of course your phone or tablet


Can I have music I my garden ?


Yes of course you can have music in you garden, pool, sauna and steam room we just use environmental speakers these are built to withstand snow, rain.
Using technology to make better decisions for your:


Offices • Shops • Showrooms • Restaurants • Bars • Clubs


What we hear and what we see are two of the most fundamental sensations that create a first impression. Make sure your premises makes the right one with premium sound that evenly spreads across the space, emitted from discreet, ceiling mounted speakers.


The right look for your business





If your wireless router isn't powerful enough to cover your entire property, we can extend the wireless range to ensure your property, including out


buildings, have full coverage.  We can also install cat5e/cat6 structured cabling for all your network requirements.


Are the existing Cables/Wiring untidy at your business premises or home?


We can organise these cables and have them routed in a professional manner.   If you are in the process or planning a new build property or refurbishment, we can design and fit all the required points around the building to not only keep you up to date, but future proofed.  These include:


- Relocating phone sockets
- Fitting ethernet points to provide hard-wired
solutions or dedicated internet connection
- Cat5e/cat6 solutions for HD capability around the home
- Pre-wire for alarm sensors, cctv cameras, sky tv, speakers etc






Typically in the homes of today,  we would rarely see only one television in the house.  It has now become standard to have a television in most rooms of the house.  This includes family rooms,  kitchens,  bedrooms,  loft conversions and occasionally bathrooms.  Honestly….!!


So why not enjoy premium television around all of the house?  We have many different options including:


- Integrate your Freeview & sky television and send both services around the home in standard quality to as many rooms required

- We can fit infrared sensors so you can operate various SKY boxes from any room in the house
- Furthermore we can provide the above in HIGH DEFINITION quality around the home if requested






Over the years,  Total Vision & Security have developed a professional yet personal relationship withmany local business, and carried out many projects.From warehouses to apartment blocks, we have designed, supplied and installed a wide variety of Systems in the commercial sector.  These include:


- Integrated Reception Systems for Sky Tv & Freeview
- Intruder & Fire Alarm Systems
- Complete CCTV Systems
- Maintenance Contracts MATV / SMATV / IRS
- Quick Response for Housing Association, Property Management and Landlords

PA Systems


If you need to address multiple people over a wide area we can provide the perfect PA solution to meet your needs.







Total Vision & Security offer a professional flat screen TV wall mounting service that will maximise your viewing potential and eliminate any problems with your installation.


Our engineers will visit your property and help you decide the best location for your digital LCD or plasma TV, as well as advise on the best fittings and discreet cabling. Total Vision & Security can install a new TV, or remove one for you if you’re moving home.


With years of home digital system experience, we can help to ensure your viewing experience is as enjoyable as possible, and provide extra services such as the installation of a Freeview compatible aerial to compliment your TV’s digital capability, or Freeview, Freesat or Sky HD to take advantage of the latest home entertainment technology.


More space! TV wall mount installation will free up storage space on your entertainment unit. Create valuable space on you TV unit or you can even remove the unit all together to create a sleek, clean, modern look.


Performance! With a tilted, or swing arm articulated wall mount bracket you can find the optimum viewing position by angling the TV installation to the most common seating position.


Safety! TV installation is the smartest way to protect your TV from accidental bumping or tipping. It also acts as a theft deterrent. There are also many recorded cases of injury due to TV's being pulled over by children. What better reason to have your TV professionally wall mounted