Protect your business with the latest Digital and Internet CCTV Systems.


CCTV Systems are not only essential in the detection, prevention and observation of crime – they’re also a useful business management tool. Camera surveillance can help you with:


Health and Safety Issues

Monitoring staff and suppliers
Proof of good practice.
Gathering valuable Marketing and Sales Data


Your business will have its own unique requirements when it comes to CCTV. That’s why we’ll provide a full consultation service and site survey to discuss your specific needs. We’ll then design the most
cost effective surveillance system with all the necessary training, technical support and maintenance contracts.


Camera footage can be stored for several weeks on a hard drive and can be backed up onto external media such as memory sticks or CDs for long term storage or to assist with 
Systems can support from 1 to 64 cameras or more.
We offer a complete range of internal and external Digital and IP Cameras investigation.



Number Plate Recognition.
Till scan systems incorporated into viewing screens with full sophisticated search options.
Fully functional pan/tilt/zoom Dome Cameras that can be programmed to tour an area.
Full remote access to or past footage over broadband at anytime from anywhere using a PC, Laptop or even mobile phone.
Footage is watermarked to ensure its integrity.
User-friendly software is designed to optimise all features of the system.
All systems are password protected to restrict user access.
Intelligent search functions to cut down on time needed to search for incidents.
Some of the essential features of our Commercial CCTV Systems
2 way audio capability.
Multiple Spot Monitors can be used.
Systems can be incorporated into an existing network.
Alerts you when motion or event is detected
Can be incorporated into Intruder Alarm System to monitor particular zones.
Each camera can be setup individually depending on the function of the camera, eg higher resolution and frame rates for cameras over a till


Total Vision & Security - CCTV
Total Vision & Security - CCTV
Total Vision & Security - CCTV
Total Vision & Security - CCTV

With the increase in criminal activity during the recession, livestock, farm machinery, and fuel have become a target for opportunists and organised gangs over the last number of years. Farmers are becoming more aware of the potential threat of these criminals and the costs/damage that can be incurred by their activities.




Our Calving Camera Kit has been designed especially for farmyards in Ireland where it may not be possible to run a cable to the dwelling house. Utilising the latest technology we can Transmit the picture up to 5km with clear line of sight between the Dwelling House and Farm.


Griffin Security Services also offer a zoom, rotation Calving Camera solution giving you the customer the ability to read ear tags from 100 metres away! This camera rotates 360 degrees. All These features are complimented by the fact you can view and operate the camera from anywhere in the world using a laptop, tablet or Mobile phone.


Griffin Security Services offer a full back up service to all farmers so you will never have to get up on those cold nights again!


Remote viewing of your CCTV System from your Smart Phone, Tabel or PC anywhere in the world.

Download the Hikvision SADP Tool [here]

Download the Hikvision iVMS4200 Management Software [here]

Click [here] to download the Hikvision iVMS-4500 App for Android

Click [here] to download the Hikvision iVMS-4500 App for IOS


 Keep your CCTV System tested and properly serviced to maintain protection


Easy transfer from you current supplier/maintainer
Experienced technicians giving you honest advice
Guarantee of service
Making Sure Your System is Recording the Correct Footage
Storage/Hard Disk Replacements


To ensure your CCTV system is fully functional at all times we recommend that you enter into a maintenance agreement.


Peace of Mind

Cost Efficiencies

Security Industry Compliance

Legal Cover


Without effective maintenance, even the best equipment will deteriorate, and without rapid response even a minor fault could cause a major problem.


Keep your CCTV System tested and properly serviced to maintain protection


Easy transfer from you current supplier/maintainer

Experienced technicians giving you honest advice

Guarantee of service

Making sure your system is recording the correct footage

Storage/Hard Disk Replacements


A maintenance contract is the best way to ensure that your system continues to operate to its full capacity, even after your warranty has expired. Without regular maintenance, a camera malfunction, or even something as simple as a cobweb on a lens, can seriously compromise the footage you record.


Your contract will include regular, twice yearly visits by one of our engineers. At least once every 6 months the engineer will:


Run diagnostic checks on all the recording equipment.
Focus, clean and check all your cameras.
Check that the recording equipment is working as required
Update your system with all new relevant software
Make any required changes to the recording schedule and settings
Clean the monitor, mouse and keyboard.
Make any required adjustments to your user access codes.
Discuss and answer any questions you may have about your system.


As part of inspection, we’ll make any adjustments that may be required and we’ll also let you know if any further maintenance or repairs are necessary. Any repairs or replacement of faulty equipment not covered in the contract will be charged at the prevailing rates. 



CCTV systems to protect your home and family.


CCTV should also be considered when protecting your home and valuables especially as so many homes are vacant by day for long periods of times.


We can provide extremely cost-effective systems that can be accessed by broadband internet. You’ll have the reassurance of being able to view your home and valuables at any time, from anywhere, using a computer or even your mobile phone. If you are on holiday you can choose to have your home monitored by an external monitoring company.


Cameras can be very discreet or they can be made very obvious to deter potential thieves. We can also supply cameras with 2-way audio – which are ideal at entrances and gates. You can be alerted as someone approaches your home and see them before they see you.


We’ll be happy to arrange a full onsite survey and consultation to discuss what you need and design the most cost-effective solution for your home. We can also provide full training, technical support and maintenance contracts.